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Are you selling your business?

Are you open to new alternatives?

All over the world, employees are buying businesses from their owners.

Employee buyouts make a lot of sense. They’re win-wins for employers, employees, suppliers and customers.

Employee business buyout may be a viable option for you!

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you understand more: 

An employee buyout (EBO) can be structured in a number of ways. In all cases employees buy a majority stake in the business they are working in.

When employees acquire a majority of shares they gain a say in the decision making process, ownership structure and profits of the business. The management decision making structure continues to apply but employees have an input in key areas. Employees gain a stake in the business where the agreed legal structure of the EBO determines the rules and regulations and agreed governance structure for employees involvement in the decision making and their futures.

Transferring ownership to your employees brings many benefits e.g. preserving your legacy, allowing you to stay active,  passing on knowledge in a part-time capacity while receiving income, a transitional method to retirement. The EBO removes all of the previous owners liabilities.  It is an an alternative to closing-down if you cannot sell your business. Employees combined knowledge gives the business a new lease of life.   Provides a socially responsible method for business succession.

Our website is a growing resource to assist Australians in understanding Employee Buyouts. To find more information,  we have a dedicated Resources Page here.

What we do for you

Blue Tongue is a not-for-profit organisation that educates the community, influences policy and facilitates Employee Buyouts in Australia the Asia Pacific.

We have a structured and a well proven 10-step process to convert your business into an employee owned business. 

We have the hands on people with the skills and expertise supported by global academic research.

It’s a journey where you manage the business and we manage and guide the buyout. 

Many people we speak to want to keep their business and legacy in tact, and don’t necessarily want to sell to a competitor. We assist you in selling your business and also maintain and preserve your life’s work.