Cooperative Development Network

Australia’s most dedicated team, developing employee-owned cooperative enterprises across the Asia Pacific Region.


Empowering Australian businesses to transition towards Employee Ownership

Establish private, for-profit, worker cooperative business structures, that operate at a very high level and builds stronger communities, to become an employer of choice.


Our Journey

Saving Australian jobs

“Employee-owned cooperatives could represent a neat exit strategy for some Baby Boomers. EO cooperatives may not appeal to everyone; however an EO cooperative worked for my family and may work for others.”
Rob McMaster


You manage your business we manage the buyout

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Our Mission

We implement Employee Ownership creating stakeholder relationships. We support a style of business operation where profits and ownership are shared

“Win for owners and a win for the employees”









1200 +

Jobs to be saved

1200 +

Businesses seeking succession

0 K+

Cooperatives Worldwide

$ 1200 M+

Identified for investment


The only business model endorsed by the United Nations

We value the “Seven Cooperative Principles” and provide a link to our resource page which lists and explains the seven Principles

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How we Work

To develop sustainable worker cooperative businesses designed to employ people, narrow the wealth gap, address social issues, environmental issues, and be contributing members of the communities they operate in and being an employers of choice.