We provide consultation services for business owners looking for succession planning. Our specialisation is Employee Ownership, in the form of an Employee Buyout. 

Many Australian Baby Boomers struggle to find a win-win exit strategy for their businesses. We believe Employee Ownership is one of the best and most overlooked solutions.

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Customised Solutions

Every business is unique. 

Every succession plan is different. 

Our solutions vary between industries, number of employees, and style of business. Our years of expertise however allows us to tailor our consultation to almost every type of Australian business. 

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Win-Win Scenarios

Employee-owned firms tend to be more productive, have higher employee engagement, along with factors like rewards sharing, job satisfaction, organisational commitment, and motivation – which is reflected in higher retention and lower absenteeism.”


New Funding Opportunity for Cooperatives


BlueTongue Cooperative Development Network has been appointed as an intermediary by LendForGood, a digital platform that connects investors and borrowers for funding expansion, new equipment, cash flow, and employee-owned buyouts. LendForGood enables anyone to easily lend capital to support cooperatives that solve social and environmental challenges. 

Blue Tongue Co-op helps the borrower meet the challenge of putting the deal together to access capital at the right time, on the right terms, to fuel growth and meet your cooperative needs.

This is a way to harness the power of the crowd and your community to support your cooperative and transform society.

How it works


LendForGood enables anyone to easily lend capital to support cooperatives that solve social and environmental challenges.  That is doing good. Every deal with cooperatives is vetted and endorsed by the BlueTongue Cooperative and placed on a secure digital platform.


BlueTongue assists cooperatives that are doing good so they can do more good and earn a return. Every investment helps achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



We help emerging and growing cooperatives, investors and organisations to collaborate, to break through barriers, and grow.

If you are a business working on creating a positive social, environmental or cultural impact on the world, then we call you an impact enterprise.

And we can help you grow by providing you with capital and business support on attractive terms and rates


BlueTongue Co-operative as an intermediary offers a structured process for working out your capital needs and onboarding you and your deal to LendForGood

Once your deal is fulfilled, we continue to support you until you’ve successfully repaid your loan.


Step One

Working with BlueTongue Cooperative, an approved intermediary partner with LendFourGood, the enterprise lists a loan on LendForGood. They tell BlueTongue what capital they need and how it will help their business grow and achieve their impact goals.

A detailed application form is completed.

Step Two

An online presentation to inform lenders about the cooperative and the good the funds will do.

Lenders will choose to support deals where their funds support the business, the terms are attractive, and the impact is good for society.

Step Three

Cooperatives pursue their business opportunity and associated impact goals and repay lenders an agreed amount at an agreed date.

Step Four

Collectively, we unlock the power of the cooperative movement to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Visit the LendForGood website and see presentations, loan summaries and the variety of loans approved to date.


To unleash the crowd to fuel the growth of your cooperative; email Robert McMaster